Fire Protected Tanks

LABC registered system of unique triple skinned oil tanks that do not need the usual separation distances from buildings and boundaries. Available from 300 litre capacity up to 10,000 litre capacity with 30 and 60 minute fire ratings.

We have worked closely with Envirostore and have developed a range for integrally bunded tanks with a LABC approved 30 minute fire rating on them. They are available in standard sizes with plastic inners and as bespoke to any dimensions with steel outer. Unlike the other similar products currently on the market they are in effect triple skinned tanks – they are insulated on the outside of the bund with a 3rd skin around them making them weatherproofed and highly secure.

Steel Fire Protected Tanks

Our bespoke steel tanks can be made to fit into any space you have available. All our custom steel tanks come with a ten year guarantee (subject to correct installation and annual inspection as specified) and with a 20 year life expectancy.

LABC approval (click here for a copy of the LABC certificate) is for 30 minutes domestic up to 3500 litre capacity.

Firecheck tanks can be made for internal use and with 60 minute fire ratings up to whatever capacity is required. Contact our helpful sales team for more information.

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1000 litre Firecheck Tank

£2,410.00 Ex VAT. £2,892.00 Inc VAT

1225 litre Firecheck Tank

£2,460.00 Ex VAT. £2,952.00 Inc VAT

1250 litre Firecheck Tank

£2,590.00 Ex VAT. £3,108.00 Inc VAT

1300 litre Firecheck Tank

£2,647.00 Ex VAT. £3,176.40 Inc VAT

1800 litre Firecheck Tank

£2,948.00 Ex VAT. £3,537.60 Inc VAT

Bespoke Firecheck Tank

£0.00 Ex VAT. £0.00 Inc VAT
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