DESO V1340CDD Bunded Diesel feule dispensing tank

What is a Bunded Oil Tank?

A bunded oil tank is simply a tank within a tank but this can be achieved in a variety of different ways and gets called many different things including twin skinned tank, double skinned tank and double bunded tank to mention a few terms.

Why Do Oil Tanks Need To Be Bunded?

The reason why oil tanks need to be bunded is simply so if the inner tank leakes the fuel is contained within the bund.

An oil tank bund should be 110% bigger than the inner tank. The inner tank should be vented into the bund so if the inner tank is overfilled, the overspill goes into the bund rather than out onto the ground.

Oil tank bunding can be achieved by either a brick catchment area underneath the tank or by purchasing a ready bunded oil tank.

If you have a brick catchment area this must be fully sealed so it retains liquids and therefore water will build up inside which should be removed by a licensed contractor. Below is a picture of an open bunded oil tank:-

Open bunded oil tank diagram

Nowadays the most popular option is a ready bunded tank. Below is a picture of what a these tanks looks like inside:-

inside a bunded oil tank

Bunded Tank Sizes

The inner oil tank is the 100% so the outer oil tank only needs to be 10% bigger so that if the inner oil tank leaks, the fuel levels would be the same inside the tank and bund.

Steel & Plastic bunded oil tank material are both available.  Basically they are both just tanks within tanks, completely sealed up so no water can get inside the bund. If the inner tank fails, the water goes into the outer tank, rather than onto the floor.

Tank Lifespan

Bunded oil tanks usually last longer than single skin tanks and all come with a 10 year guarantee giving you peace of mind.

The Bunded oil tanks with a bottom outlet meet the regulations if permanently connected to an appliance (boiler or pump etc) using steel pipework. You cannot use a bunded tank with a bottom outlet with a hose and nozzle on gravity to dispense into vehicles as this does not meet the regulations.

Dispensing Fuel

For dispensing fuel into vehicles, the dispensing equipment must be contained within the bunded area if you had a hose off the end of it. If the hose was to get damaged, the diesel would all drain out onto the floor.

If you are dispensing fuel, you really need a bunded oil tank with a pump mounted onto the top, like a fuel dispenser. Diesel dispensing tanks are available in both plastic and steel.

Do You Need A Bunded Tank?

Basically yes if you are putting in a new tank for oil at either your home or business it should be bunded. All oil tanks in businesses should have been bunded by 2005.

When a tank for a domestic property is due for replacement, these tanks will also be required to be installed to the current regulations with risk assessments being carried out. Domestic properties will also require a bunded tank ot be fitted.

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