Image of Envirostore ESV1300FD Bunded fuel Dispensing Tank.

Bunded Diesel Tank Regulations

All oil tanks for dispensing of diesel or gas oil into vehicles, tractors or plant equipment must now be bunded, this can be achieved by purchasing a ready bunded oil tank or putting a single skin oil tank into a bund designed to take 110% of the inner oil tank.

The downside of open bunds is that they will fill up with water which must be removed by a licensed contractor and by the time you have built a bund for an oil tank, it would probably work out more expensive than purchasing an oil tank which is already bunded.

All the ancillary equipment must be contained within the bunded area, this basically means that if you buy a bunded oil tank with a bottom outlet, then put a hose and nozzle onto the outlet, you have wasted your money as this does NOT comply with the oil storage regulations.  This is because if the hose or nozzle get damaged, the fuel will drain out onto the ground.

The most cost effective way of dispensing fuel is via a Fuel Dispenser which start from as low as £1055 + VAT delivered for a fully bunded oil tank complete with 230v pump, 4 meter long hose, auto cut off nozzle, 10 micron filter and contents gauge.

Fuel Dispenser

These are referred to by a variety of different names, Fuel Station, Dervpack, Fuel Dispenser, Dieselstore, Fuel Master are some brand names you will hear and these are all bunded tanks with top mounted pumps which are designed to be simply sat onto a flat level, concrete or flag base and have a lockable hatch containing your dispensing equipment. These meet the Oil Storage Regulations for dispensing of diesel.  Fuel dispensers are available in plastic or steel and the regulations are exactly the same for plastic tanks as they are for steel tanks.

Steel fuel dispensers are more secure than plastic, but tend to be more expensive with longer leadtimes as they are made to order.  However, a good quality steel tank can last just as long, if not longer than a plastic tank, with very little maintenance.

Most Fuel Dispensers come with 230v pumps but if you have no power available they can be ordered to run off a 12v battery usually for no extra cost or run off a 24v or 110v supply for a small extra charge.  Envirostore plastic fuel dispensers are also available with a hand pump option if needed, please contact us for price and availability.

Envirostore 1300EHFD Bunded Fuel Dispenser

Envirostore 1300EHFD
Envirostore 1300 Litre Bunded Fuel Dispensing Tank with
£1,395.00 Ex VAT. £1,674.00 Inc VAT

Bunded Tank regulation FAQs

What is a bunded diesel tank?

This is usually a bunded tank with a top mounted pump which is usually contained behind an access door and this would usually meet the regulations for dispensing diesel into vehicles.

What is a bunded oil storage tank?

This is usually a bunded tank with a bottom outlet and this would only meet the regulations if permanently connected to an appliance (boiler, generator or pump) by steel pipework and if its connected to a pump or generator it should have a spring loaded check valve immediately off the outlet so the fuel would only flow when the pump is running.

Our staff at Total Tanks have many years of experience and know the regulations surrounding diesel tanks and oil tanks inside and out, so if you are unsure what you require please give us a call on 01772 338892 and we will be happy to discuss the options with you. 

(This information is designed as a guide only and if you are unsure you should check with your insurance company or the Environment Agency and may vary depending upon where you are located)