Apollo Oil tank gauge

Oil Tank Sight Gauges

Many people ask us what is the best type of contents gauge to fit onto their oil tank and that completely depends upon the type of oil tank you have.

Is it bunded or single skinned?

Traditionally many people had a site gauge which is a clear tube running up the front of their tank, but these do discolour and fill up with rubbish over a period of time and they should not be fitted onto a bunded oil tank as they do not meet the regulations on a bunded oil tank.

As long as they are of a push button type, they are still ok on single skin tanks and we do them with combined filters.

What sockets are there on it?

Float gauges are a good option as there is less to go wrong with them, but many plastic oil tanks don’t come with the socket to fit them and if they are fitted into a steel oil tank the float can wrap around the internal tank stays.

When a steel oil tanks with a float gauge is ordered from us, we add a tube on the inside of the tank to prevent the float from wrapping around the internal tank stays. Deso bunded oil tanks that we sell also come with a socket that can be fit a float gauge onto. Many other oil tanks on the market do not have this facility.

Adjustable float gauge

Adjustable float gauge to fit a tank up
£15.25 Ex VAT. £18.30 Inc VAT

Remote Reading Content Gauge

Many people now choose to go with a remote reading contents gauge.  Watchman and Apollos (two different brand names) are both excellent quality remote reading content gauges which both have a battery power on the tank and the receiver plugs into any electrical socket up to 250m away from the tank and displays the level of fuel in 10ths.

Apollo Oil Tank Gauge

The downside of these is that there is no gauge on the oil tank for the tanker driver to be able to check your oil tank contents prior to filling but the Apollo Visual Oil Tank Gauge has a display on the oil tank that can also be checked remotely.

One issue however is the Apollo Gauges are too tall to fit onto some bunded plastic tanks especially the Deso Slimline models, if you are unsure please check with us prior to ordering.  The Envirostore bunded oil tanks we sell come with an Apollo Visual as standard.

Watchman Alarms

Watchmans Alarms are also available with an inbuilt alarm and the Watchman Alarm usually comes as standard with Titan oil tanks.  This monitors your fuel usage and if there is a sudden drop the plug in unit will start to buzz to attract your attention.  This could be due to either fuel being stolen or a bad leak out of your oil tank or pipework, but it wouldn’t work if it was a very small leak.

Apollo Oil Tank Gauge

Electronic remote reading contents gauge which displays the
£56.00 Ex VAT. £67.20 Inc VAT

Watchman Sonic Oil Tank Gauge

Electronic remote reading contents gauge which displays the
£65.00 Ex VAT. £78.00 Inc VAT

Watchman Anywhere

The Watchman Anywhere has a SIM card in it meaning that you can have an app on a smart phone to monitor levels. You can also receive a text or an email once a week with your tank level, making it ideal if you want to monitor a holiday home, rental property or elderly relatives oil tank.

We have had a Watchman Anywhere fitted onto our oil tank for several years and they are great!  They are larger than the normal Watchman’s though so might not fit into all bunded plastic tanks – check with us before ordering.  You do have to pay a yearly running cost though to Sensor Systems (after the first year) which is around £30 pa.

Many oil companies will offer to fit remote gauges onto your tank so they can offer a top up service, this is great so you never run out but you are then tied to one oil companies prices as you cannot then shop around when you need fuel.

There are other more comprehensive oil tank gauges available on the market which we are happy to discuss with you, we always keep up to date with new products and our helpful staff are always on hand to advise you.